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Fully ndt

GPR survey is a fully non-
destructive technology (NDT), which will cause no damage to the surface being scanned


Prevent unnecessary delays and structural damage by
commissioning a GPR survey before breaking ground


GPR surveys are an efficient method to recover information about large areas with minimal disruption


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a proven survey technique to recover information about the sub-surface

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  • Luis Brooks


    I cannot recommend KB GPR highly enough. The service they provide is second ...

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    This company is superb. My situation was a bit of a tricky one but they took...

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    The service I received from KB GPR Surveys was amazing. They were so efficie...


KB GPR Surveys have a small but highly ... experienced team of GPR surveyors, engineers and archaeologists. We offer Ground Penetrating Radar surveys, archaeological surveys and GPR consultancy throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.

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High Performance 

We have experience using GPR from most major ... manufacturers. All our equipment is subject to a rigorous comparative testing to ensure that we use the most practical, reliable and best performing Ground Penetrating Radar for every job and where necessary we customise our GPR to overcome or minimise its shortcomings.

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Our processes and deliverables were ...developed through years of experience in the GPR industry. As a small company we can work independently and set our own standards to provide high quality GPR surveys, without being subject to external pressure by management or following old traditions.

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As a small business, our customers are important ... to us and we always put them first to deliver Ground Penetrating Radar survey results which are industry leading in quality and reliability.

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We are training providers and have been ...instrumental in developing the GPR industry. Our Ground Penetrating Radar training provided the original basis for some of the commercial GPR training courses on offer today.

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KB GPR Surveys

KB GPR Surveys

KB GPR Surveys is an independent, impartial, innovative and market leading Ground Penetrating Radar survey provider. We have many years’ experience in the GPR sector and our staff come from a range of backgrounds, so we can deliver a unique service which is efficient, cost effective and accurate.

KB GPR Surveys use a variety of GPR systems to achieve the most data from site conditions. Whether it is for construction, demolition, investigation or for Archaeological purposes, our staff and GPR equipment can provide you with the highest levels of accuracy and clarity using state of the art, custom GPR and the best data processing software on the market.

Our offices are located in Southampton, UK, we offer services UK-wide an internationally.

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Our goal is to offer professional, reliable, and high quality GPR services.
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    What can a Ground Penetrating Radar survey detect?

    With GPR, you can detect a wide range of objects below ground level, including both metallic and non-metallic objects such as plastic pipework. GPR will also identify and map any voids below the surface, such as air pockets or mine shafts, as well as any other irregularities including concrete and previously excavated or back-filled areas.

    Will GPR compromise safety on my site?

    GPR equipment emits an electromagnetic pulse into the ground and records the reflected signals from subsurface structures and voids. It is entirely non-destructive and will not break the ground’s surface or affect any objects below. What’s more, it doesn’t emit any harmful levels of radiation, nor are there any other by-products created throughout the process. This means it’s entirely safe to use by its operators, and on sites of any type, including those open to the public.

    Is a GPR survey 100% accurate?

    While GPR is one of the most effective methods of non-destructive testing available, it can never be 100% accurate. One factor that can adversely affect the accuracy levels include the type of soil being surveyed. Clay soils and soils that contain high levels of salt or minerals can obstruct the GPR reading. Another factor is the experience of the equipment’s operator: interpreting the data collected can be complex, which is why it’s beneficial to commission surveys from an expert firm.

    Is GPR equipment difficult to use?

    The equipment itself is not difficult to use, but the interpretation of the data recorded tends to be complicated. The results of a GPR survey aren’t automatically translated into an easy-to-understand picture of what lies below the surface; instead, it’s a series of lines and waves and it can take both training and years of practice to master the art of correctly reading the output. Often, it is the experience of the equipment’s operator that plays the most significant role in the accuracy of the results GPR can achieve.

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