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KB GPR Surveys guarantees to perform a professional survey using high performance GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) equipment in accordance with best industry practice and guidelines.

However due to the inherent limitations of GPR technology and the interpretive nature of the results we cannot guarantee 100% detection or accuracy.

For these reasons, KB GPR Surveys does not accept any responsibility or liability for losses or damages of any kind, resulting from undetected, misinterpreted or misrepresented features or utilities.

Further we do not accept any responsibility or liability for losses or damages of any kind resulting from decisions or actions based on information provided by KB GPR Surveys. The client bears the ultimate responsibility for confirming the precise nature and location of features or utilities by commissioning the digging of trial holes to verify our results.

The objectives and scope of all our surveys are clearly discussed with the customer and defined prior to work commencing. Work cannot commerce until the customer has agreed to these terms.

By commissioning KB GPR Surveys to conduct a survey and accepting the results you are agreeing to these terms. By using the results you are deemed to have accepted them.

For information about the capabilities and limitations of GPR equipment, as well as training material, equipment tests and case studies. Please refer to our website.
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