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August 25, 2021

GPR Post Processing Software

GSSI Structure Scan Mini XT review

Almost every Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) manufacturer has their own software for GPR data post-processing and interpretation, in addition, there are a handful of software packages that allow data from more than one GPR manufacturer to be post-processed and interpreted.

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    We conducted a trial of several of them and our (by no means exhaustive) results are compiled below. Note that for practical reasons we have not tested manufacturer specific packages for GPR which we do not have in our portfolio and we have not conducted tests of MatLab based ‘open source’ software often used in academia because the use of those packages is not suitable for our business purposes and these software’s are not licenced for business use.


    GPR Slice

    We have extensive experience in the use of GPR-Slice for GPR data post processing and interpretation and it has become our primary and preferred GPR post-processing software.

    GPR Slice allows the data from all commercially available GPR to be imported and this suits our business philosophy of using the best GPR for a given job and maintaining no allegiance to any particular manufacturer.

    It’s a very robust and reliable software package and although it does occasionally contain some bugs, they are always resolved rapidly (usually within a few hours or the next day). The support we get from Dean for GPR Slice is exceptional, far over and above our experiences elsewhere.

    GPR slice allows you to do almost anything a commercial organisation needs to do with GPR, but it’s a complex package and there is a steep learning curve when you start to use it.

    The image processing capabilities of GPR slice are exceptional, and it is possible to export results in a useful way.

    If your interested in GPR Slice you can contact Dean Goodman through his website:

    The academics GPR post processing software of choice, Reflex is significantly cheaper than GPR Slice.

    Although at first glance Refex will appear daunting, it is surprisingly easy to load GPR data and as long as you understand what you are doing processing data is quite straightforward.

    We found it a bit more difficult to produce 3D images (with respect to GPR Slice). In addition to being more difficult, the overall imaging capabilities of Reflex are less refined.

    Overall we liked Refex but it doesn’t suit our requirements because exporting results in a useful format is more difficult. This is not an issue for academic purposes but proved to be a deal breaker for us.

    If you are interested in Reflex, you can contact Sandmeier through his website:

    We do not have first-hand experience of GPR Soft because they advertise it as having no CAD link which immediately made it unsuitable for us. It has been included it in this list for completeness.

    GPR Soft is supplied by Geo Scanners and who can be contacted here:

    We do not have first hand experience with GPR CAD because it is not suitable for the work we do. It is worth including because it supports data from multiple GPR manufacturers and in theory it provides a cost effective and reliable solution to post process GPR data for utility detection purposes, using a pay as you go system without the requirement to invest in expensive software packages.

    If you are interested in further information about GPR CAD you can find it here:

    Manufacturer specific GPR post processing software:

    IDS GRED HD is one of the easiest to use and most efficient software packages that we have used for GPR data post processing and interpretation, and export to CAD.

    As long as you are processing data collected using an IDS GPR in one of the standard configurations (with no customisation) you will be able to load the data and process it almost automatically.

    It is relatively simple to visualise data and plot features and the CAD export is reliable. This software was originally designed for use with the Stream EM and is particularly suited for processing data for utility surveys.

    Despite a number of limitations and regularly complaining about the software and lack of support when we used it, after we stopped using IDS GPR we missed GRED HD enough to spend time and money building a data converter so that we could import GPR data from other manufacturers into the IDS data format and continue to make use of our licenses.

    GRED HD is supplied by IDS:

    GPR post-processing software produced by GSSI to process data collected using GSSI antennas, Radan is relatively easy to use.

    Importing and referencing data is easy and applying processes is quite intuitive. It is possible to process data and plot pipes and features which can be exported to CAD.

    Radan is supplied by GSSI:

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