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August 19, 2021

Buckland Rings Iron Age Hillfort

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Buckland Rings is situated in the town of Lymington, within the New Forest National Park and is on the south coast of Britain.

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    Buckland Rings Iron Age Hillfort

    It holds the status of Scheduled Monument. This is because it was once an Iron Age Hillfort.

    The Iron Age was a period consisting of several centuries before, and up to, the Roman Invasion of Britain in AD43. During the Iron Age, there were many settlements constructed with what is considered defensive banks and ditches surrounding an area of occupation within. These Hillforts vary widely in size and shape, depending on the natural topography of which was always used to the advantage of the people in creating a natural/manmade delineation between outside and inside.

    These Hillforts are continually being studied by many disciplines including Archaeologists and Geophysicists. This interest is because of the lack of written documentation and understanding of these features and time before the Roman Invasion. The Hillforts have had many theories developed about their uses as no one knows.

    KB GPR Surveys Ltd had the fantastic opportunity to survey Buckland Rings in partnership with the New Forest National Park Authority and Bournemouth University.

    The survey produced some major features on this site pertaining to the Iron Age occupation over several centuries.

    The GPR managed to possibly identify:

    • Roundhouses
    • Internal segregation
    • Trackways
    • Entrance Way
    • Pits

    This GPR study has been added to the previous geophysical studies performed on this site, including Magnetometry and EM, and has helped the New Forest National Park Authority present a paper and oral presentation on the re-visiting and comparison of surveys done 25 years ago and today.

    Buckland Rings Iron Age Hillfort

    This GPR data has provided many more features than the Magnetometry and EM surveys ever did and has opened up new research possibilities for this site and others like it.

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