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We offer fast, accurate and independent Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveying and consultancy in the UK and worldwide.
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    Based in Southampton, KB GPR Surveys Ltd provide Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys and consultancy services throughout the UK and worldwide. We support GPR training through COST Action TU1208 and EuroGPR.

    In addition our website offers a free online GPR training resource intended to raise awareness about GPR and its capabilities, in a convenient and user-friendly format.

    KB GPR Surveys is an independent and fully impartial company, whilst using several GPR manufacturers for our equipment including UTSI Electronics, GSSI and IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi we have no allegiance or bias towards any one. Our focus has always been ensuring we choose the best performing and most practical GPR for any given situation. We are always developing custom equipment to meet specific survey requirements and so do not suffer the same restrictions as other companies may experience.

    However, we also understand the technical and practical limitations of GPR. Through the development of our customised equipment, efficient working processes and quality control methods we minimise the limitations of the technology and provide the best results possible. As we want to ensure we are professional and honest to all aspects of our work, we will always advise against the use of GPR where it may not be suitable.

    Through the COST TU1208 association, engagement with OASIS Archaeological Database and links to local universities, we engage with academia to improve GPR standards, education around the world and maintain our position at the leading edge of GPR application. KB GPR Surveys are also close supporters of the EuroGPR association and the professional standards for which they stand.

    Construction site regulations mean that all KB GPR staff hold CSCS qualifications and the company holds CHAS and Achilles standards.

    All KB GPR Surveys staff are subject to rigorous internal training processes, as well as being encouraged to expand their knowledge outside of the company. Together with our extensive GPR experience, good education enables us to fully understand GPR technology and operate it in the most advantageous way for any given environment.

    Our projects are managed in accordance with our internal quality control system to ensure that results are delivered to the highest achievable standard. All of our drawings and reports are fully reviewed prior to issue.

    Our drive is to offer professional, reliable, and high quality GPR services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What can a Ground Penetrating Radar survey detect?

    With GPR, you can detect a wide range of objects below ground level, including both metallic and non-metallic objects such as plastic pipework. GPR will also identify and map any voids below the surface, such as air pockets or mine shafts, as well as any other irregularities including concrete and previously excavated or back-filled areas.

    Will GPR compromise safety on my site?

    GPR equipment emits an electromagnetic pulse into the ground and records the reflected signals from subsurface structures and voids. It is entirely non-destructive and will not break the ground’s surface or affect any objects below. What’s more, it doesn’t emit any harmful levels of radiation, nor are there any other by-products created throughout the process. This means it’s entirely safe to use by its operators, and on sites of any type, including those open to the public.

    Is a GPR survey 100% accurate?

    While GPR is one of the most effective methods of non-destructive testing available, it can never be 100% accurate. One factor that can adversely affect the accuracy levels include the type of soil being surveyed. Clay soils and soils that contain high levels of salt or minerals can obstruct the GPR reading. Another factor is the experience of the equipment’s operator: interpreting the data collected can be complex, which is why it’s beneficial to commission surveys from an expert firm.

    Is GPR equipment difficult to use?

    The equipment itself is not difficult to use, but the interpretation of the data recorded tends to be complicated. The results of a GPR survey aren’t automatically translated into an easy-to-understand picture of what lies below the surface; instead, it’s a series of lines and waves and it can take both training and years of practice to master the art of correctly reading the output. Often, it is the experience of the equipment’s operator that plays the most significant role in the accuracy of the results GPR can achieve.

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